72 Merrimac Street Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950
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The center of Newburyport.
This was once one of the largest
ship building centers on the east
coast. Newburyport built the
fastest ships and is the
birthplace of the US coast Guard
Custom woodwork is our
specialty. Quality, satisfaction
and value have been the
cornerstones of our service to
you for over twenty years.
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&  teak grate.com
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D. Mittendorf
D. Mittendorf
D. Mittendorf
D. Mittendorf
D. Mittendorf
D. Mittendorf
The Yacht Shop builds the best  Teak Grate in the country, beware of  inferior copies!!
This is a standard test grate made
to prove how strong our grate
construction really is. It is 10" X
22" X 3/4" thick. Check out the
lower photo.
This is our shop truck, a Jeep
Grand Cherokee parked on the
above grate. Yes it bent a bit, but
it did not break or crack. Very
strong construction by anyone's
standards. We make the best
grate in the country with proven
techniques and materials. Each
grate is custom made to your
order with pride and experience.
We make custom furniture for decks and patios
A  6 foot  X 6 foot teak grate for a
home sauna going to Austin Texas
Teak Architectural Products:  We can also build custom interior or exterior nautical items to
your specifications that will enhance your designs for fine homes, cottages, offices, decks and gardens.
We also make EPA approved teak grate for wetland walks and docks. It's heavy duty and long lasting.  Pool decks, sun
decks and  architectural landscaping applications is a specialty. We also make custom matching teak furniture for
decks, pools and gardens.      Always fast delivery !!      
 See the bottom of the page for EPA approved grate decking.
This grate was built from a pattern
made from poster paper sent from
a client in Washington State. He
said it dropped right in place and
he didn't have to touch a thing.
This is a 48" teak patio table with a glass top insert.
We make an assortment of sizes and heights
One of the many real teak accessories we make for
patios and decking. Very rugged and heavy duty.
This is a new cockpit grate
for a 48 foot Beneteau
We also make EPA approved teak grate for  environmentally sensitive
areas along rivers, marshland or any area needing sunlight and protection.
Several anchoring configurations are available
for most applications and sub frames. A
minimum amount of hardware is necessary for
secure placement on docks and walkways. This
is a perfect choice for sensitive environments.
Our Teak grate is precision cut and squared for
perfect fit and easy installation. Every joint is
glued with epoxy and clamped in a vacuum bag
for 24 hours. No hardware to rust or corrode.
Completely enviornmentally friendly units.
As you can see here sunlight will have no
problem getting through to the vegetation
below the grate. Custom sizes are available
and the maximum recommended panel size
would be 48 inches by 96 inches ( 4' X 8' )
World Record  EPA Approved Teak Grate
This teak grate is one for the Guinnes Book Of
It was designed by the world famous landscape
architectural firm
Sanchez And Maddux
located in Palm Beach Florida.
The grate is
made up from five panels measuring four feet
across and approximately nine feet long. The
holes are one inch by one inch. The strips are
one half inch wide. The panels are one and
onehalf inch thick. The panels weigh
approximately one hundred pounds each.
you can see in the picture at the left, a 9' X 20' grate
is quite large.          
        Installed on the Florida intercoastal waterway
New 700 Square Foot EPA Approved Teak Dock Covering Installed At Woods
Hole Massachusetts. Built For Sea-Dar Construction / Engineering of Boston.
We've  built a very large
assortment of teak grate,
cabinetry and accessories
for all of these yachts and
many more over the past
25 years.
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We also make
Composite Grate
Dock Covering
for EPA and ACOE